Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi FAMILY! We Love you ALL!!

Well hello!!
Yes it's be quite some ti
me since we have updated (I** have updated) the blog!
We've been soooo busy with school especially as we head into the second half of the semester.
Our new house is absolutely wonderful.

I don't know if all of you know this, but Jordan's sister (Jessica) and her husband (Justin) and their toddler (Avery) and Jordan and I all moved into a new town home together! We all were a bit nervous about it at first, I think, but it has turned out to wonderful and it has been such a fun fun fun experience to be with them and especially to live in the same house as Avery.
She is sooo cute and we feel blessed to be related to her.
SO-We live in Bloomington, which is kind of a separate area south of St. George which is more family oriented.

Our scoot scoot is broke right now, which has actually turned out to be ok because my parents gifted us with mountain bikes!

We are sooo happy to ride them together, and also alone depending on the school day. Transportation is definitely a shuffle now that we live a bit farther away from the college.

Speaking of school....
ITS HARD! And SOoo much fun :)
BUt it will be soo worth it once we're done.
SO far, the plan is that I have 1 full year left of classes and then my senior piano recital the following summer.
I'm a year behind because I basically started college over when I changed majors and got into the music program and DIxie, and the program is vigorous and very demanding and takes almost a full 4 years to complete.

Jordan has about 2 full years of classes left, and he is doing so well. I have not updated our Scholastic Blog because we've been busy, but one of these days I'll upload his most recent projects.

Here is something that I had Jordan make for me so we will print it on sticky vinyl and put it on the car window :)

I think it's pretty accurate :)

Recently, our thoughts have been turned to searching for schools that have a graduate program in Graphic Design. They are few and far between but my hopes hopes HOPES are that we can go to one of the schools in Chicago or Minnesota (there are none in WIsconsin :*( Being closer to home will be WONDERFUL! ESPEcially because hopefully we'll be starting our little itty bitty Johnson Family by then!! :) :)

The leaves are still turning colors, some trees take longer than others to finally turn colors, so there's still plenty of green around here! THe sun is still hot in the afternoon, but the heat is in at night to keep us comfy.
Yes you should wish you lived here...( I'm talking to you dad :) haha

My dad has been SO into road biking (Lance Armstrong style) and he rides hundreds of miles a week on his bike (unless it's snowing).

SO: When my dad found out that ST. GEorge has 300 days of sunshine a year.... he perked up, because that pretty much means that he could ride his bike 364 days of the year (Give or take 1 days of sand storms hahahaha!!!)

Biking has become my family's new hobby together, from all across the nation where we live, we are united by this new family LOVE for biking!!! Every single one of us, from Portland,Oregon to Ogden, Utah to Provo, Utah, all the way over to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then all the way down St. George, Utah!
We love it so much, and I'm so happy and I love my family sooo much.
My little sisters are growing up, it's CRAZY! :)

We are very much looking forward to our next Gagnon-Palick/Bernaden family trip to San Diego/Newport Beach in Spring! My mom is the planner:

We are GIDDY about how fun it will be (we're going to the zoo there too!) Grandpa Bernaden is coming (hopefully he surfs with us in the ocean like he did in FLorida!! haha), Aunt Kathy and Aunt Debbie are coming too!!! We ARE SO EXCITED TO VACATION WITH THEM!

Alright, I've got to get back to life-but this has been a fun update.

We miss you all so much,

Just so you know, we plan on coming home to Wisconsin for Christmas!!! :) :) :) :)


We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that love us, and we are so grateful for you.

Jordan and Melissa Johnson

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking Ahead...

--Birthday Update--
My brother Peter and I have the same birthday February 20 so when Jordan and I went up north for my birthday, we spent time with Peter and Tina and Angela to celebrate all of our birthdays, and also to go to the Salt Lake City Temple with Angela!! :) :) It was sooooo much fun to be together:)

I thought I would write about the things that Jordan and I are looking forward to, in the next couple months or so...

Coming up this week-
  1. I work EVERyDAy(as usuaL) at the Library
  2. We work Tues/Thurs @ the GolF CouRse
  3. Tuesday-Our Math Test which we absolutely love!! MAth mAtH maTH!
  4. Wednesday-Jordans BiG website project is due!
  5. Friday-I think I perform in my Piano Performance Class
  6. Friday-The StArt Of SpRinG BreAK!!!!!!YAYAYAYA!!!!
Next Week-
  1. Mon-Wed in Las Vegas for Danny, one of Jordan's best friends', Birthday!
  2. Thursday ANGELA AND ELDER SCHOFIELD (ok *FORMER Elder*but thats how I know him haha)(He is Jordan's last companion on his mission-they were in delafield 2gether)
  3. ~~~~~TUACAHN THEATER~~~~~ to the concert of the cd: Nashville Tribute to Joseph
  5. Friday-Sunday ANGELA and Elder Daniel Schofield will be here to have fun, hike, golf, hopefully saturday either go to Zions Park or the Grand Canyon!!:)
Looking Ahead-
  1. Hopefully Peter and Tina can come down to play with us soon!!!!**************************CONGRATS ON THEIR NEW HOME PURCHASE!!!!***************
  2. Perspectively the weekend after Spring Break, or two weekends after, Jordan will have a brothers Golf Weekend

Further Ahead...
  • We have a big PALICK FAMILY OUTING in WISCONSIN w/Spouses and w/lOVe at the end of June and beginning of July where Jordan and I are planning to spend some time in
  • Wisconsin for 3 Weeks + and hopefully I can get my darn braces back on! :)
  • Canada Trip in July for McMurry Family Reunion, we will fly there from Wisconsin! :)
  • A HOT HOT SUMMER working at the GOLF CouRSE and doing lots of outdoors stuff during summer in St. George :) Very Excited, and happy to have a break from school.
  • Angela and her ROommate Courtney are SOO darn cute and I love spending time with them. Courtney is finishing Aesthetic School, and she is SOOo good at what she does. Also she sells Mineral Makeup, some of which Angela soo GRACIOUSLY baught me for my birthday, and OH do i LOVE makeup now :) Its so much fun.